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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm a fangirl love reading Dammei
Doing fanart about League of Legends (more trolling, less serious)
Love the Void most
Kha'Zix is my baby

Another names: Cider, Sensei, Kapos, v.v.

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Memory by NaraEragon
After everything...I unconsiously realise.... The only comfort of my life.... Is seeing you smile.

When it comes to the loneliest time

When I have lost everything...

I suddenly remember...


...are very beautiful...
Kha'Zix sat silently on top of an old tree
His eyesight was no where to be found.

He kept pondering about Cider's words
Did it really when people die
They cannot remember anything?

All memories were erased
Nothing left
Even just a small and broken one?

If possible
He wished he could forget them all too
So his heart wouldn't have to suffer.

He no longer could face the pridestalker as the same way
Like before...

He could not kill him anymore
He could not bear the thought of seeing the other die one more time
But himself still alive...

He completely exhausted
Tired of everything.

He did not want anything
Not anymore...


"If we have afterlife
I'll become stronger and stand beside you one more time"

The man promised to find him...

"Can you wait for me until then
My beloved mate?"

He promised to wait for him...

The voidreaver closed his eyes and thought of them
Those memories slowly returned
Liked it was happening right in front of him.

'You do become stronger
And I'm still waiting
Still wait...'

'Even though
You are no longer remembering me...'

If you can still remember me...
Before we become rival...
I'll stay and wait for you...

He lifted his head
Awoke from the memories.


"I still wait for you..."

"Why.....haven't you found me.....yet.....?"

This life when he hadn't traveled back there
He accidently ruined the other left eyes
And left there a long scar
Just liked before life.

Perhaps there were some connections between them?

Its not just a scar
Its an eye.

How could he fix this problem if possible?

Didn't he want to beat him in their fight?

If his life was what the other wanted...

Then he would give him.

He would find him
And would be free
Didn't have to suffer anymore.

When we meet each other again along the way on that day

Kha'Zix stared at the blade right in his chest
Finally he could feel the real pain in the heart
Not ached everyday like an illusion
He really couldn't handle it.

Lifted his head to looked at the pridestalker
He saw no sign of victory on that feature
Didn't he win the fight?
What's with that depression?


He heard the other whispered.

"You just...rush straight through my blade
You are...looking for the death.
This is not the fight I want!
Just...what have happened to you...??"

A weak smile appeared on his feature
Made the pridestalker frowned
Suddenly felt ached in the heart.

Then what happened next caused him stunned
The voidreaver turned into humanoid
White skin filled with red of blood from the wound in his chest
He raised his trembling hand up
Gently touched the pridestalker's furry feature
Still looked at him dumbfounded.

"Its fine.....if you cannot remember......

I.....have waited.....long find you.....

Finally.....I have reached.....the precious goal.....I've....ever desired..."

The voidreaver reached foward closed to the pridestalker
His breath was breaking.

"If I.....was the ever craved....for your....hunter's life....

Then.....I don't life to you..."

He trembled
Used his last strength
To touch his lips with the other's
Right under the pridestalker's unbelievable eyes.

" previous life.....and....after life....."

His eyes was closing slowly
And his voice was becoming smaller.


...because I have......promised you.....

....I'll be waiting....

....wait for you....

....till the end of time...."

Then he went silent
Hands on the other's face fell down
His whole body fell out from the blade to the ground
But the pridestalker'd already got him.

His sense went off
The last breath left his body too
Rengar was dumbfounded
Holding tight the body in his arms
Big hand raised to stroke the voidreaver's soft cheeks


"It can't be..."

"This is not right! KHA!!!!"

"If we have afterlife
I'll become stronger and stand beside you one more time
Can you wait for me until then
My beloved mate?"

"I'll be waiting
As long as you find me sooner..."

Every single memories returned to him surprised
It also brought with it an unbearable lost
And a painful heart with broken soul
The pridestalker tightened the cold body of his mate
Tears started to fall and it's not going to stop soon.

Apparently I have already found you...."

"Then...why in the end....
You choose to leave me???"

You couldn't blame him
A part of you was the reason for his death too.

For your mate's death!

Just now he understood the meaning in that 'sooner'.

If he could find him
Before they became rival...

You realised his odd behaviors
You found out what happened
This wasn't happening.


"I'm here now....
Can you wake up....?"

"Open your eyes....
And look at me....
Just for once...."

I'm begging you...
Don't fall asleep like that...."

"How can I continue to live....
While knowing you have left me...."


Please...don't let me go again...
Fate (10) - End
Previous - Cover - First
So this is the end of the fic

I chose the fic name's Fate because it fit the song (that name too), they loved each other but they didn't realise until the end. It took them so long to recognise each other, still the 'rival' part was one of the reason responsible for their separation. 
Just hoped they would be just like the song's content that they would find each other on the next life in a positive way.

I'm sorry I cried the tenth times when I translated this chapter _(:3JL)_
Kha'Zix woke up one more time
Found out he was in a familiar forest
The fresh and silent atmosphere of Kumungu filled his sense
He sat up and looked around
Then to himself
A form fulled of purple and claws.

He was back.

He returned to the original world.

He did not die...
But returned instead...

'Ha ha...'

A mocking laugh echoed from him as he thought of the truth.

'So after I been through everything
It is just a dream?!

Ha ha...

Fate sure knows how to toy with people
Let me drown deep in that feeling and suddenly slap me awaken
Told me that nothing is real?!'

He wondered
What have he done to deserve such cruel treatment like this.

Just why?

Why they just didn't let him die
With his mate?

If possible...

Why had to take him there
To meet him?


Why changed him...?

Kha'Zix howled in such sorrowful and painful voice
He buried his face on his arms and tears started to fall
His heart was so in pain like it going to break into pieces
On his non-human's feature a wry smile slowly appeared
The more he smiled and cried
The more terrified he looked like.

The voidreaver was falling into deep despair
He kept on crying until his throat dried and ran out of health
As expected he passed out
Right in territory of his rival.

Few moments later two familiar figures appeared around the passed out form
Nidalee analysed the voidreaver then ask her comrade.

"What are you going to do to him?"
"Just take him back
I want a fair fight
Not taking advantage on someone has no defences."


Somewhere pretty far away
Cider felt something strange had happened
Rolled her eyes to look around
Then she stood up and was about to leave.

Where are you going?"

Malzahar saw her odd behaviors
He stopped her and asked curiously.

"Do you see Kha'Zix recently?"
"We were about to ask you that.
He was missing for a few days."
"We thought you took him somewhere so we didn't ask.."
"I took him to no where
In fact last time I saw him was a week ago."
"That mean..."
"You stay here. I'll come to Kumungu."


Kha'Zix felt his eyes hurt because of crying
Heart ached in pain could not keep him calm
He looked around to find himself in a strange hideout
But he immediately sensed a familiar aura here.

The aura belonged to the pridestalker.

Another pain ached in his soul as he thought of what could happen next.

'This will not happen
I have to leave.'

He didn't want to face him right now
At least...
Wasn't him.

He was not the one he loved.

He was his rival
The one wanted to take his head
Not the man gentled with him
Not the man always loving him...

He was not the one said 'I like you'.

Not the one wanted to have him as a mate.

Not the one he had given his heart to...

It nonsensed to say anything now
Didn't that...just a dream after all...?

But somehow he still hoped
That those time being together
Was real...

Made his mind clear
He started to leave the place and headed to look for Goddess
Its better to sneak away by the window
Instead of the main door
So he wouldn't have to face the pridestalker.

Just as he was about to leave
Main door opened to reveal a white figure
The voidreaver rushed out as fast as he could
No turned his head back.

A drop of tear still remained
Accidently fell on the pridestalker's face.


Rengar touched where the drop had fallen on him
Then looked at the figure was getting away from afar
Suddenly his heart ached a bit
His head hurted too
As if he had forgot something
Very important
But he could not remember it...


Cider found a purple figure acrossed the forest as she came Kumungu
And it seemed not going to stop any moment
She landed in front of him, prevented him from going further
As the voidreaver realised who stopped him
He just threw himself into her embrace
He couldn't hold it and tears kept falling.

His despairs and memories filled her mind like a tsunami
For a moment she could not hold them up in her mind because its so sudden
Kha'Zix didn't have to tell her anything
Cider had an ability to hear other creature's mind and soul
She said nothing
Just took him back to their place.

"That was just a dream, wasn't it, Sensei?"

The voidreaver buried himself in Cider's arms
Like a children hid themselves in their mother embrace
She had known everything happened to him
And its better to share it than kept silent.

Cider was the best listener.

She stroking his head to comfort him
And said.

"Its not exactly just a dream
Perhaps where you had traveled
Was Runeterra's before life."

Two words 'before life' caught his attention.

"You are saying that what I've been through
Are real??"

Cider nodded.

"I just find out about Runeterra's history
They were one time existed only weakling humans
So no one could ever survive the disasters as the end of the world
Gods had given them another chance to live again
With strength and power.

The mutants
Were born from then
Even the Void

Their life can never be the same like before
Relationships between residents never exist
Only crimes
And envied
One shall stand and one shall fall."

Cider stopped for a moment
Then she signed.

"Every memories about that history were deleted
None of them could remember a thing."

The goddess lowered her head to see in his emerald eyes
Hopeless and despair
That was weird
For a voidcreature to feel this way.

Cider fell into her thought
If they were still the same as before
Existed with only one purpose of their creation
Without worried anything
Especially the thing called 'love'
Maybe they wouldn't have to suffer.

"He cannot remember anything.
I'm sorry
But thats the truth."

Except if some miracle happened...

And that last one
Truly broke his heart into pieces.

The love we couldn't have in this life
The fate we couldn't claim in this life.
Its done
He recognised him
He would detest him
Just like the other Rengar.

He couldn't handle the expression he would see on the other's face
So he tried to get them out of the hole and planned on leaving him in a safe place before separated
But it was too late
Because everything was collapsing.

There was no way to run now.

Suddenly a hand was brought to his face and gently stroke his cheek
Which startled him
He turned back to catch with pair of familiar eyes
And that warm smile.

"So this is the secret you have been hiding all the time."

The voidreaver kept silent
Right now every explainations he could think of just disappeared to no where.

"I....I looked terrible, don't I?"

He whispered
But the white haired man could still hear it clear.

"I told you I'm not human..."
"And I also told you I don't care what or who you are."

The man smiled.

"Its weird
I seemed to like this form of you more than the human one."

This crossed a slight flush on the voidreaver's cheek
He bowed his head to hide it.

"I remembered you once told me that you didn't belong here.
But everything was the same with where you came from?"
"Not everything
Here didn't existed creatures like me."
"And you are..."
"I'm a voidcreature."

The man nodded his head.

"I see
You are very strong
Monster or human just don't mind it.
Ah...guess I have to try harder then."

Rengar laughed
Kha'Zix just titled his head to aside
Did not understand what he meant.

"Well I have a strong mate like you
So I should get stronger to catch your strength
We will be a perfect mates then. seems I don't have any chance now."

The white haired man softly kissed his mouth.

"If we have afterlife
I'll become stronger and stand beside you one more time
Can you wait for me until then
My beloved mate?"

Those words truly touched him
Tears were falling from corner of his eyes
He cuddled against the man as he felt his body changed again
A slight smile crossed his lips
A happiness expression was on the voidreaver's feature.

"I'll be waiting
As long as you find me sooner..."

“So they all forgot? Not a single one to remember?”

If you can still remember me...
Before we become rival...
I'll stay and wait for you...

"I'll definitaly find you
I promise
Wait for me
My Kha'Zix."

There are many things I want to say, but you may already know then
When we meet each other along the way on that day
Please don't let me go again.

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